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Balancing and Integrating Becomes Easier Through the Shift of our Perspective.

When it comes to relationships, many of us are attracted to a partner who complement us but relying solely on logic can lead to rigidity and monotony.
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Logical (Thinker) vs. Intuitive (Feeler)

When it comes to relationships, many of us are attracted to a partner who complement us. Let’s consider the contrasting dynamics between the logical (thinker) and the intuitive (feeler). Typically, we lean more towards being logical or intuitive based on our upbringing or natural inclinations. To simplify, I’ll refer to masculine energy as emphasizing logic and feminine energy as embracing intuition. As an acknowledgment, these qualities are not gender-specific, we encompass various aspects of both masculine and feminine energies that shape our unique personalities.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

Like many, we tend to play to our strengths in relationships: the masculine focuses on logic to create stability, while the feminine relies on intuition for exploration and wonder. The masculine exhibits more objective thinking, while the feminine tends to be more subjective. However, relying solely on logic can lead to rigidity and monotony, just as depending entirely on intuition can result in chaos fueled by emotions. In my work with couples, I aim to blend these two energies to work harmoniously, as I had to master their integration within myself.

Shifting Perspectives for Harmonious Integration

Adopting a different perspective makes it easier to merge these philosophies with our partners. The feminine seeks to experience life, whereas the masculine strives to construct a life. If the feminine shifts towards viewing life as a building experience, it fosters patience and the ability to prioritize experiences. This shift also conveys to the partner that emotions can be both reasonable and stable. Likewise, if the masculine incorporates experiential building into their mindset, it leads to creating more meaningful and distinctive moments, keeping the partner engaged and intrigued.

Seeking Balance and Effective Communication

Can you identify the areas in which you need balance and integration? How can we effectively communicate and practice these concepts with our partners on a daily basis?

Jimmy Chau is a Certified Life and Divorce Coach offering personalized coaching programs.  He finds fulfillment in working with clients to make sound decisions and reach their desired goals.

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