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& AFCC-AAML 2023 Conference Exhibit Information

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Message to Conference Attendees 

Thank you for the opportunity to exhibit our new educational platform and professional marketplace.  

Seeing a need, this platform was created by family law and divorce professionals to offer a combined site of educational information, emotional support, and on-demand professional assistance during critical domestic strains. 

Please stop by our exhibit table for more information.

AFCC-AAML 2023 Conference iPad Giveaway

As a thank you to the AFCC-AAML 2023 Conference attendees for their interest in our platform, DivorcePlus is giving away a new  iPad 64GB (10th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular.  We are a technology company after all! 

How to Enter:

  • Subscribe for email updates from DivorcePlus (1 giveaway entry) and/or complete an initial application to join our network (2 giveaway entries total).

Rules / Other:

  • You must be a conference attendee to enter the giveaway.
  • Any AFCC or AAML member attending the conference that has previously onboarded to the DivorcePlus platform will need to subscribe for email updates to receive their 2 giveaway entries.
  • The giveaway program will close on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 7:00pm.
  • The winner will be notified via email on Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 9:00am to pick up their iPad from the DivorcePlus exhibit table.


About DivorcePlus & the Professional Marketplace

Professional Relationship: DivorcePlus is an on-demand professional marketplace platform that provides divorce professionals a space to offer their services to the public.  All professionals are independent practitioners.  Think of DivorcePlus as virtual office space – and you only pay for your space when you use it.  Maintain your practice while setting your own hours and working from anywhere at anytime.

Minimum Qualifications: All professionals offering services on the DivorcePlus platform are required to meet all licensing / credentialing requirements provided within their respective fields. 

Earnings & Fees: Platform fees and provider payments are calculated as follows:

  • All providers agree to offer their services at the uniform pricing rate set by DivorcePlus (see Pricing for more details).
  • All provider fees are collected by our third party payment processor (Stripe) at the time of booking.
  • Each provider transaction processed through the DivorcePlus platform is subject to a 5% transaction fee and 15% platform fee.
  • All provider earnings are deposited into their designated financial account on a weekly basis.
  • Example: $100 Uniform Fee collected minus $15 Platform Fee (15%) minus $5 Transaction Fee (5%) = $80 Provider Earnings (80%)

Read more about the DivorcePlus Network

The Fine Print:  DivorcePlus provides a virtual scheduling, billing, and conferencing platform.  You are required to maintain up to date and correct availability for services.  All payments are collected at the time of booking – and earnings are automatically transferred to your designated bank account weekly. 

Begin your application process here: professional application

To maintain a professional profile on the D+ platform, you agree to:

  1. Abide by the terms of your professional services contract.
  2. Submit a minimum of 2 editorial articles per year for the Divorce 101 page.
  3. Participate in the “Ask an Expert” forum monthly by answering 2 questions per month.


The following actions will get your profile removed and banned from the platform:

  1. Habitual canceling or no-shows for scheduled appointments/ conferences.
  2. Any violations of our Terms of Service, Privacy or Inclusivity Policies.


The following may subject your profile to suspension and review:

  1. An overall rating falling below 4.0
  2. Failure to provide availability for a six (6) month period or longer.
  3. Your account becoming dormant by having no activity for a period of six (6) months or longer. 
  4. Notification that a governing board or administrative agency has instituted disciplinary proceedings against you. 


As a professional provider with DivorcePlus, it will be possible to: (1) work from anywhere at any time, (2) increase your revenue stream, and (3) expand professional visibility (4) without any monthly financial commitments from yourself.

Have more questions?  Send an email to prosupport@divorceplus.com

Ready to join the network?