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Why Do You Need a Divorce Coach? 8 Big Reasons

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Unlike therapists or counselors who may address broad personal and mental health issues, divorce coaches concentrate on issues and decisions specific to divorce. Here are the 8 reasons why you need one.

Why Am I So Angry? Emotions of Divorce

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Let’s examine the emotional consequences of divorce: anger and healing. Find insight into why the rage pops up, particularly for women, and discover five possible ways to navigate the difficult time.

Which Works Best? Words or Actions?

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The old debate: Words vs. Action. Which language speaks to our souls? This article explores the meaning of words versus actions in our lives.

Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCJEA)

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Dealing with child custody issues, especially across state lines, can still be complicated. The UCCJEA makes sure that custody decisions are made fairly, consistently, and with the child’s best interests in mind.

Understanding Gaslighting: Its Effect and the Ways to Break Free

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The trauma associated with gaslighting is substantial, affecting individuals on both psychological and physical levels. Victims often experience erosion of self-trust, heightened anxiety, isolation, and long-term emotional distress. Understanding the signs and impacts of gaslighting is crucial for anyone who finds themselves or someone they know in such a distressing situation.

Understanding Emotional Abuse

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Emotional abuse is characterized as a pattern of harmful behaviors where one person repeatedly undermines another’s mental and emotional well-being. While physical abuse leaves visible marks, emotional abuse hurts the victim’s psyche through damaging acts that have severe psychological effects.