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Coping With an Unwanted Divorce

Woman upset looking at phone

Understanding divorce is challenging enough. Read some of the most frequently asked questions and find ways to start moving on.

Five Ways to Split the Holidays

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There are unlimited ways for you and your co-parent to split the holidays to make the most of special occasions throughout the year. Each family situation is unique, so customize a plan that works best for you and your co-parent.

The Dollars-and-Cents of Divorce

Husband and wife looking at a piggy bank

Divorces can be expensive, and an uncertain financial future can feel overwhelming. Follow this guide for tips on making your way through the financial landscape of divorce.

Do the Kids Get Two Christmases?

Mom with reindeer ears giving gift to child

Children want to feel safe, and years from now, they will not remember all the gifts they received, but they will never forget how you made them feel.