Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Divtech Inc. d/b/a DivorcePlus (“DivorcePlus,” “we,” or “our”) is committed to a professional environment in which all members of its Workforce (which includes employees, partners, contractors, professional service providers, representatives and agents) are treated with respect and dignity. Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values of DivorcePlus. As part of this Policy, we are committed to a workplace culture that values and promotes diversity, inclusion, equal employment opportunities, and a work environment free of harassment and hostility. This includes:


  • Applying principles of equity and social justice to achieve equal Workforce opportunities for qualified individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Attracting, recruiting, retaining, engaging, supporting, developing, and advancing underrepresented and diverse Workforce members, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and any other underrepresented individuals.
  • Promoting respectfulness, cultural awareness, and inclusivity by:
    • Fostering a collaborative work environment in which all Workforce members participate and contribute;
    • Empowering and providing a safe space for all Workforce members to express themselves, exchange ideas, and feel heard; and
    • Encouraging Workforce members to be open and curious about others’ experiences and perspectives.


Diversity and inclusion are related and equally important concepts. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability, religion, age, national origin, military or veteran status, and any and all other categories protected under applicable law. Diversity also includes differences in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, thoughts, interests, and ideas. Inclusion means ensuring that all Workforce members are valued, heard, engaged, and involved at work and have full opportunities to collaborate, contribute, and grow professionally.


All leaders, managers, and Workforce members play a role in making DivorcePlus a diverse and inclusive place to work for everyone. Please read this Policy carefully and openly and make every effort to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion and the ways we can accomplish these objectives together.


Diversity and Inclusion Team


To support and effectuate the objectives of this Policy, DivorcePlus has created a Diversity and Inclusion Team to coordinate and implement plans and programs regarding diversity and inclusion.  DivorcePlus’ Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overseeing this Team and for carrying out the objectives of this Policy.


 Diversity and Inclusion Goals and Action Items

DivorcePlus is committed to developing and implementing programs and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of its business operations. DivorcePlus is committed to evaluating existing programs and adapting or introducing new initiatives as our diversity and inclusion goals evolve.


DivorcePlus always welcomes suggestions from Workforce members about how we can be more inclusive and address and improve diversity issues. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact the Chief Executive Officer. DivorcePlus prohibits retaliation against Workforce members for making good faith suggestions or complaints regarding DivorcePlus’ diversity and inclusion efforts.  This Policy is not intended to restrict communications or actions protected or required by applicable law.


Administration of This Policy


DivorcePlus’ Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the administration of this Policy. If you have any questions regarding this Policy or if you have questions about diversity and inclusion initiatives that are not addressed in this Policy, please contact DivorcePlus’ Chief Executive Officer.