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His Mid-Life Crisis is Not Your Fault

A partner’s midlife crisis can be emotionally taxing but there is potential for both of you to emerge stronger and more connected.
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From We to I: Making Your Space Your Own After Divorce

By transforming your space, you are not just redecorating—you are setting the stage for the next, exciting chapter of your life.
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Dealing with Divorce and a Sick Spouse

Any marriage can be pushed to the breaking point by the challenges of living with a chronically ill spouse. If you are thinking about divorce under these circumstances, you’re most likely wrestling with guilt, confusion, and the need for direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Different people face different challenges, depending upon their individual circumstances. Common concerns when considering divorce include:

  • Money: “I am ready for divorce, but how can I afford a lawyer?”
  • Grief: “How can I move on when I’m not ready to let go?”
  • Expectations: “Why can’t I get everything I want out of this divorce?”
  • The future: “Where will I go from here?”

You can always start the divorce process without your spouse. However, there are certain aspects of divorce in which a spouse needs to be involved, such as hiring a mediator, parenting coordinator, co-parenting coach.

Online access and virtual consultations allow you to learn about the divorce process on your own time. Not everyone is ready to meet with a lawyer. Not everyone has the same schedule or availability. DivorcePlus puts you in control.

If you are curious about the process and want trustworthy information, we make that available to you for free. And if you are ready for the next step, our professional service providers are here and ready when you are.

We recommend that you start keeping a diary as soon as possible. A clear record and timeline of events can be very useful down the line. The more information, the better.

If you are happy with your divorce lawyer, stay with them. Our free resources address common divorce concerns so you won’t have to pay for as much time with your lawyer. We also provide a wide range of professional services if you’re looking for a little extra guidance.

If you are not happy, you can always switch divorce lawyers. People do it all the time, and the new lawyer simply contacts the former lawyer to transfer the file. You should feel comfortable with the person representing you.


During the divorce process, some people ask questions and then ignore answers they don’t like. They want to fight the law, which is a battle that can’t be won. But keep in mind, even when you don’t like an answer, there are always ways to work through the process.

If you trust your lawyer, you can get to where you want to be. The best pathway forward is to listen and learn how to work with the law.