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Personalized Coaching by Dollnita Winston

Life can be challenging, yet full of Rewards!

“My mission is to empower, equip, and enhance individuals and families. It is this genuine passion that has led me to continue showing people how to make Bold Moves and overcome negative thoughts that can prevent them from living their best lives!”

Dollnita Winston Badge Expanded Profile
Dollnita Winston Badge Expanded Profile

About Dollnita

 I provide evidence-based techniques and strategies, equipping clients with practical solutions to pursue their goals, discover their purpose, and face their challenges.

Personalized Coaching

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The Power of Saying YES To Yourself

Perhaps you just want to experience One Coaching Session and walk away with major results. This single coaching session is uniquely designed as a giant step toward unlocking your full potential and achieving the success you envision

Grief Coaching

  • 10% Off
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

Rebounding After a Significant Life Event

This customized 8-session coaching package will help you discover the power of resilience. It’s important to resolve your past by effectively dealing with life through a deep exploration of the grieving process.

Relationship Coaching

  • 10% Off
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

The Road to the Right Relationship

This customized 8-session coaching program will empower the individual, allowing personal growth and development. These sessions are designed to help you discover the power of finding the right relationship.

Marriage Coaching

  • 15% Off
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
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Enriching Your Marriage Experience

This 10-week Coaching Program is designed for couples who desire to enrich their Marital Relationship. This program coaches couples to navigate their differences; and learn skills for handling conflict and effective communication.

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Why Dollnita

As a Professional Coach, I will help you successfully clarify your goals, identify stressors, and build self-resilience. I guide my clients through a life-changing journey propelling them into more clarity, growth, and overall life fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bring clarity to your current situation and possible next steps to take
  • Assess readiness for coaching and moving on to next phase of life
  • Zoom video conferencing at mutually agreed upon times
  • Phone call for those who prefer phone only
  • Schedule a time and package design that serves your needs best now. 
  • Provide a scheduled time to show up without distractions in order to maximize the coaching experience
  • Evaluate your most focused time of day when you have the best energy and opportunity for focused conversation
  • Discover a clearer understanding and vision for moving forward
  • A confidential, safe and non-judgmental coach who can listen deeply to hear connections and paths your busy life may not allow you to see alone
  • Pathways of moving through fears and frustrations to paths of fulfillment and hope
  • Engage with a trusted and trustworthy thought partner
  • The coaching agreement allows the coach or the client to exit the coaching relationship if it is not working for either
  • Share openly what’s not working for you and what might make it more powerful for you, whether coach or client. A transparent, trusting relationship is vital to moving forward.

Grief coaching focuses on helping individuals move forward after loss by setting goals and creating actionable plans. Grief coaching is action-oriented and future-focused, helping clients adjust to their new reality and find meaning after loss.

Grief coaching can benefit anyone who has experienced loss, whether it’s the death of a loved one, a significant life change, or any other form of loss. It is especially helpful for those who feel stuck in their grief and are seeking guidance on how to proceed with their lives.

During a grief coaching session, the coach will work with you to understand your current feelings, identify your goals, and develop strategies to achieve those goals. Sessions typically include setting short-term objectives, discussing coping mechanisms, and finding ways to honor your loss while embracing the future.

The duration of grief coaching varies depending on the individual’s needs and progress. Some people find a few sessions sufficient, while others may engage in coaching for several months. The flexibility of grief coaching allows it to be tailored to each person’s unique journey through grief.  I’ve created an 8-session program that is tailored to each individual.

Relationship coaching helps individuals or couples improve their interpersonal relationships. Coaches work with clients to develop communication skills, deepen emotional connections, and resolve conflicts. It’s beneficial for those looking to enhance their relationships or overcome specific relational challenges.

While relationship coaching can be highly effective in improving communication and understanding, it is not a guaranteed solution for every struggling relationship. Success depends on both parties’ willingness to participate actively and make necessary changes.

Relationship coaches often use techniques such as active listening, conflict resolution strategies, and emotional intelligence development. They might also employ exercises to enhance empathy, improve communication, and set relationship goals.

Not necessarily, individuals can also benefit from relationship coaching to understand past relationship patterns, improve future relationships, or enhance their interpersonal skills in both personal and professional contexts.

Marriage coaching addresses a variety of issues, including communication problems, financial disputes, intimacy issues, parenting challenges, and long-term goal alignment. Coaches work with couples to develop strategies to manage these issues constructively.

Marriage coaching is goal-oriented and focuses on future outcomes, helping couples achieve specific objectives. It is a look towards the future.

Benefits of marriage coaching include improved communication, renewed intimacy, better conflict resolution skills, and stronger partnership. It can help couples rekindle their relationship and move forward with shared goals.

The frequency of sessions depends on the couple’s needs and the complexity of the issues they are facing. Some may meet weekly, while others might find bi-weekly or monthly sessions sufficient. Your program will be tailored to fit goals and progress.

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