Expectations and Benefits of Using a Certified Divorce Coach

Certified divorce coaches can help anyone considering, going through, or finished with a divorce - giving needed guidance and expert advise. let's review the 9 top benefits.
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Key Points:

  • Understanding Certified Divorce Coaches: A certified divorce coach offers emotional support, practical advice, and strategic planning.

  • The Role of Divorce Coaches: They provide a non-judgmental space for emotional processing, assist with decision-making, offer communication strategies.

  • Benefits of Working with a Divorce Coach: Clients can expect to receive practical guidance and support in preparing for legal processes, help in making informed decisions, and assistance in planning for a post-divorce future.

Divorce is filled with emotional ups and downs, difficult decisions and sometimes quests for self-discovery. Support and direction provided by a certified divorce coach can prove priceless. But what is a certified divorce coach?  What does a divorce coach do and how can they help? Let’s review divorce coaching, how coaching sessions work and the top 9 benefits of hiring a certified divorce coach.

What is a Certified Divorce Coach?

A certified divorce coach is a professional who guides and supports individuals through the process of divorce. They are trained and certified through divorce coaching programs.

Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

The short answer is Yes.  The American Bar Association now includes divorce coaching as an alternative dispute resolution methods, finding that this flexible, goal-oriented process helps support, motivate, and guide people going through a divorce.

What Do You Talk About with a Divorce Coach?

Preparing for your first session is a lot like thinking about a first date.  What should you say and not say?  How should you come across?  Well, here’s the good news, they are ready to hear whatever you need to move through to get you on your way to a better life.  You can talk about anything from the details about your separation to the emotional challenges you are going through. These professionals provide a safe space where you can air out your worries, fears as well as dreams without being judged over them. Whether it means strategizing on legal aspects in your case, having assistance with emotions, or planning how to handle the next day, they are there to listen and guide. 

What to Expect from Coaching Sessions?

You should expect some practical tips along with emotional backup. The approach of coaching sessions depends on your unique situation; hence focusing on making realistic aims and creating action steps towards their attainment. These sessions involve discussions, exercises and occasional homework which aim at making it easier for you to go through your separation confidently.

What Not to Do in a Coaching Session?

Your coaching sessions are yours.  Let’s repeat that, your coaching sessions are yours!  Now, with that, you only get out what you put in.  Withholding information from your coach may result in guidance based on incomplete information.  The benefit of a judgment free zone is the ability to be open and honest.  Put feelings of embarrassment away when dealing with your coach.  Now roll up your sleeves and get ready for work.

The 4 Parts of a Coaching Session

Checking In: Where one talks about anything new transpiring since they last met

Setting the Agenda: Deciding on specific subject matters or problems meant for discussion in session

Action Planning: Developing strategies & steps aimed at handling issues raised

Wrap-Up: Going through what has been handled and putting down plans or tasks to be worked upon before next meeting.

How Long Should Coaching Sessions Last?

Your initial free consultation or exploratory session will last about 15-30 minutes.  After you and your coach develop the best plan of action for your goals, you should expect coaching sessions to last about an hour, though the length can vary. This allows for deep exploration of issues without becoming overwhelming. The total number of sessions will depend on your individual needs and goals with some people getting everything they need in a few sessions and others requiring ongoing support throughout their divorce process.

9 Benefits of Using a Certified Divorce Coach

1.Emotional Support: They provide you with someone who listens and offers emotional support during the highs and lows experienced throughout the divorce journey.

2.Objective Advice: They also give you guidance that is unbiased in order for you to make well-thought decisions.

3.Strategic Planning: You may work hand in hand with them to develop tactics that will enable you sail through your break up smoothly such as legal strategies or personal goals too.

4.Improved Communication: Coaches can train on how best to communicate with your ex-partner especially where kids are involved.

5.Financial Guidance: This means going over all financial aspects from having a budget to discussing settlement options together.

6.Confidence Building: Once separation ends, these professionals help in rebuilding self-esteem so that clients can have life back again.

7.Time and Money Savings: Through organization and focusing skills, coaches prevent time wastage thus reducing legal fees.

8.Parenting Support: Coaches for parents, they help in co-parenting and child adjustment.

9.Future Planning: They support you to plan your life, develop a vision and take action towards new possibilities after divorce.

In Conclusion

Divorce is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be the end of everything.  With the right support and guidance, it can be an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. A certified divorce coach offers emotional support and practical advice and planning which makes your divorce easier on you and those around you.  

Victoria Habib Headshot

Victoria Habib is a paralegal, certified mediator, and certified life and divorce coach.  

Victoria offers virtual coaching services nationally and finds fulfillment in working with clients: giving them a better understanding of the processes involved, suggesting resources to make sound decisions and the opportunity for clients to achieve their desired goal[s].

Get started today with a free divorce coaching consultation.

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