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David Youll

Gender Identity: Male
10+ Year Experience, Certified Specialist, Father’s Rights Advocate, Mother’s Rights Advocate
Salem, OR

Personal Quote:

"The rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield, but it's only because the past is not as important as the future. So, keep looking ahead, and only glance behind to see how good you look while you're getting there."

- David Lee Roth


As a divorce coach with a master’s degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy, I am all about helping you make informed choices when you are going through a divorce. Think of me as part of your team. I am here to help you think things through, to be someone you can talk to, and to offer support and information when you need it.

With a background in clinical therapy, I bring a caring and focused mindset to helping you deal with big changes in your life. For over 10 years I have been working with people and families. I am especially attuned to those persons dealing with tough stuff like addiction, in their environment. I know that to get better and move forward, you need a safe place where you can talk about your problems and work on finding long-lasting solutions. My way of helping is all about looking at the whole picture – how you think, how you feel, and about your relationships with others (and your self!)

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Primary Service:

Divorce and Life Coaching

Other Services Offered:

Health and Self-Care
Divorce Advocacy and Support

Licensed In

All States
Education & training

MA, Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
BS, Behavioral and Addictions Counseling, Elizabethtown College


Certified Divorce Coach
Microsoft Certified Educator




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