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Edward Hammett

Gender Identity: Male
10+ Year Experience
Hendersonville, NC

Personal Quote:

"I love partnering with clients and moving them through their frustrations to fulfillment and from aimlessness to focus and fun again!  Broken places in our lives, careers, families just provide a 'crack' for new light to shine through to clarify a new path filled with potential"


I enjoy working with people to accomplish their goals and to achieve their dreams.  My writings, coaching and consulting over 30 years is crafted to support persons and organizations facing steep learning curves, challenging changes that appear in our culture, families, communities and places of faith.

I’m currently retired from full time work but want to use my learned skills to nurture and support the next generation of family systems, businesses and places of faith. Diversity of families and cultures brings great opportunities and challenges today.  My just released book, Making Shifts in Waves of Change is a resource to guide us in the days of change and challenge.

As a single professional, committed to living the rest of my life with fulfillment and fun I look forward to investing in others, continuing my writing and coaching as long as my health allows.  I’m a heart patient and have learned that life goes on beyond any challenge IF we step into our fears, frustrations and stay open to what is next. Learning to reach out to others is often a path to hope, healing, greater health and growth.

Edward is a published author and you may find his books available on Amazon.


Creating the Best Coaching Package for You Now

Framing Progress for You!

Divorce Plus is about supporting you as you move forward into a new phase of life, relationships, finances, faith, career, and wholeness.

Coaching is more about moving forward than untangling your past.  Here are a few of possible coaching packages that we can customize just for you. Consider…

  1. Understanding Where I Am Now? These 6 sessions are designed to raise your awareness, increase your confidence about who and where you are now so you can move on.
  2. Showing Up and Embracing Your New Place in Life – These 6 sessions are designed to provide support in gaining clarity of self, convictions, learnings and self -awareness as a platform for setting new goals and moving forward.
  3. Making Friends Again with Myself & Others, My Faith and My Future – These 10 sessions are designed to provide a springboard for gaining confidence in self, trust in your source of faith and
  4. Navigating Life Change With Courage and Confidence – Re-building trust and confidence are fairly typical challenges beyond divorce. These 8 sessions are designed to explore what that looks like for you and your family system. Learning to lean into those new learnings with courage creates confidence to move you forward.
  5. Customize Something Just for You –— We will co-create something that works for you.


Book a free 15 minute Custom Coaching Planning Call to explore these further and then you can decide what works best for you.

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Primary Service:

Life Coaching

Other Services Offered:

Divorce Coaching
Personalized Custom Coaching Plan (multi-session)

Licensed In

All States
Education & training

Furman University – Bachelor of Arts
Southern Seminary – Master’s Education
International Coach Federation – MCC, Master Coach Certification
Approved Mentor Coach with International Coach Federation


Master Certified Coach with International Coach Federation
Certified and Licensed Trainer of Multiple Coach Training Courses through Coach Approach Ministries 1998-2024


Author of 9 published books dealing with how cultural shifts impact all phases of life.
Most recent publication Making Shifts in Waves of Change: A Coach Approach to Soulful-Leadership, 2023


Member of International Coach Federation 1996-2024
Approved Mentor Coach with ICF