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While going through a divorce, we often get caught up in the legal side of things, but we sometimes forget about the emotions involved—for both our children and ourselves. Are we ready to help our kids, whether they're young or older, as they grapple with the natural questions, worries, and sadness that come with a family splitting up?

That's where our "Helping Children With Loss" program comes in. It's just four sessions long and is designed to teach adults valuable tools for dealing with grief, including that which arises from divorce.

Reach out today to discover how you can become better equipped to support the children in your life during this challenging time.

For those who have experienced divorce, it's important to consider whether you've effectively addressed the emotional challenges from your past relationship before embarking on a new one. How can you ensure a fresh start without carrying emotional baggage that could affect a future relationship?

Discover the "Grief Recovery Method," a safe, confidential, and evidence-based program consisting of seven sessions. These sessions provide a supportive environment for making lasting and positive changes to your emotional well-being.

As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I'm here to assist you on your journey towards genuine transformation. Let's work together to find healing and a brighter future.


A retired career US Navy Submarine Officer, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, who lived in many locations within and outside the US.

Introduced to the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) after the loss of my father and nephew, GRM brought depth and improved understanding to my relationship with my late father.

My involvement in grief recovery stems from witnessing how grief impacts loved ones, especially during my Navy career, where I observed the effects of military life on families and service members due to deployments, frequent moves, divorces, and suicides within the military community.

As a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®, I lead GRM and Helping Children With Loss in group and one-on-one settings, with a preference for the personalized one-on-one format online.

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Grief Recovery and Helping Children With Loss

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Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist – the Grief Recovery Institute
MBA with distinction – University of Arkansas Grantham
B.S. Chemical Engineering – Brigham Young University


Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist