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Sally Lee

Gender Identity: Female
10+ Year Experience, Certified Specialist
Fairfax, VA


I am driven by the desire to help people live and work with purpose, passion, and power.

My experience includes 20+ years of talent management, leadership development, and coaching experience in global consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit and start-up environments. I have led multiple teams and have developed and implemented creative and sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges of managing and leading in an increasingly complex work environment. I understand the competing priorities that managers face daily, especially in times of personal transition and loss and in supporting their employees personally and professionally.

I now have a consulting and coaching business that allows me to work more closely with managers in achieving excellence in team and performance management through supporting the growth and development of their people. On the individual coaching side, I help people thrive in their personal and professional lives because of, not despite, the challenges they have overcome or face.

I have worked with multiple people who have gone through the trauma of a divorce and delight in seeing them thrive on the other side of something so difficult. I provide coaching support that takes into consideration all aspects of their lives, but health coaching is where I start. A health scare during COVID-19 and the loss of multiple relatives over the past couple of years due to health-related illnesses, which I believe were brought on by stress and inflammation, led me to learn more about nutrition, physiology and biology. As a result, in addition to various business degrees/certifications, I also have specific health certificates/certifications.

I love storytelling and have self-published multiple books, written scripts, and worked with local filmmakers. In 2022, I curated and co-hosted a film showcase featuring narrative and documentary films. My goal is to help people become the heroes of their own journeys and share stories to help and inspire others!

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Divorce and Life Coaching

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Education & training

M.S. in Human Resources Management & Organizational Development, Johns Hopkins University
B.A. in Psychology, University of Maryland
Certificate in Medicinal Plants, Cornell University
Certificate in Nutrition & Healthy Living, Cornell University


Certified Human Capital Strategist, Leadership Development & Succession Strategist, Human Capital Institute
Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach, John Maxwell Group
Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer, PeopleKeys
Certified Breath Coach, Yoga Body




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