From Divorce to Reinvention: How a Divorce & Life Coach Can Help

Getting a divorce can be grueling and those going through it often find themselves feeling confused, alone, and unheard. Many of the resources available throughout a divorce focus on the legal and financial side of the equation leaving little room for empathy or human emotion. With the labyrinth of changes that a divorce brings, it can feel as though your entire life is crumbling around you at a time when critical and life-altering decisions must be made. Then, just when the divorce is finalized, you realize that the work has just begun.  
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I recall the feeling of uncertainty that I experienced during my own divorce. Robotically going through the motions with no clear understanding or direction. Later, my roles as a paralegal and a mediator confirmed the disconnect between the legal system and the non-legal components of a divorce. Clients not only need help from a seasoned legal team, but they also need someone to help them navigate through and beyond the process to build a strong foundation for their future. As an empath and having been there, I wanted to cushion the divorce process for others, so I became certified as a divorce & life coach. As a divorce & life coach, I guide clients through uncertainty, providing support with decision-making, goal-setting, accountability, and much more. The best part is that a coach can be there for you during the divorce process and after your divorce is finalized to get you closer to your goals.

Check out the article below to see why a divorce & life coach can be your trusted confidant as you go from divorce to reinvention!  

Establishing a Support System

When you are going through a divorce, your support system changes dramatically. Your once-trusted partner is no longer by your side. Connections forged during the marriage find themselves conflicted because they shared a friendship with both people in the marriage. Then those you trust the most can bring their judgments to the table causing more confusion and making an impossible situation worse. A divorce & life coach is a great first step in developing a supportive relationship with a professional who is trained to assist people in your specific situation. These individuals dedicate their lives to ensuring that you have a trusted person in your corner. They provide a safe space for you to voice your emotions and concerns without judgment. A coach can also take the emotional labor off your closest connections leaving more time to maintain healthy relationships. Divorce can feel lonely, but with a divorce & life coach by your side, you can start your new chapter on the right foot. 

Strategic Decision Making

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a situation that it becomes difficult to make decisions? Many people going through a divorce find themselves consumed by their emotions and unable to think clearly. This is not an unusual experience, but it can be jarring as an array of variables and emotions cloud your mind. Periods of heightened stress can also make it difficult to concentrate; however, a divorce is no time to lay idle. Many of the decisions made throughout and after the divorce process have implications for years to come and are heightened when children are involved. Working with a divorce & life coach allows you to share your thoughts with a trained professional, lifting the burden from your head. A coach will be there to help you understand how different decisions can impact your future while considering your specific wishes. Coaches have the benefit of approaching your situation with a fresh set of eyes. Have you ever been working on a project for days only to have someone else review your work and find a glaring mistake in minutes? Sometimes a new perspective can guide the way to a solution you never could have seen on your own. 

Setting Goals

A large and critically overlooked part of divorce involves developing a life for yourself as a single person. For some people, this can seem unimaginable. You may have spent years in a relationship with your ex and now you have to build a life where you are in the driver’s seat. To move on from a past relationship, it is helpful to create a plan for yourself. There are many questions to consider during this pivotal planning process:

  • What does your independent life look like and how do you get started?
  • Do you need to find a job? 
  • Do you need to find a new place to reside?
  • How do you co-parent?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining relationships with family & friends? 
  • Are you interested in meeting new people? 
  • Are you interested in dating? 
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These are just a few questions you may have as you look ahead, and the answers to these questions become the foundation for building your new life. Divorce & life coaches can help you sort through the noise and find a way to the bright future you deserve.  A divorce & life coach will ask insightful questions that allow you to envision what your happy and healthy future looks like. Armed with resources and tools, a coach can help you set goals to bring your plan to fruition. Goals are important during and following a divorce because they allow you to understand where you want to go and how you will arrive at your destination. Despite it being the end of a relationship, a divorce can be an exciting fresh start if you make the best of it. Informed planning is fundamental to ensuring a smooth transition.

Being Accountable

Have you ever really wanted something, but have not been able to achieve it? Perhaps life’s demands got in the way? Maybe discouraging words stopped you in your tracks. There is a great difference between words and actions and this is where a divorce & life coach can be invaluable. Coaches help you set your goals, a verbal statement of a vision for yourself. They are there to hold you accountable toward achieving your goals and are your sounding board as you reinvent yourself. A coach will help you set realistic goals and approach them diligently. If you experience an obstacle, a coach will redirect you with a modified plan and get you back on track. Accountability is where goals are met or broken, but you don’t have to go at it alone – a coach is there for your goal-achieving success!

Providing Helpful Resources 

Coaches have an extensive toolbox of resources to assist clients. By listening intently to your circumstances, a coach can understand your needs and provide individualized support and guidance. If needed, a coach can connect you with different professionals, groups, practices, tactics, and exercises that can make your issues seem more manageable. These resources are treasures that you can carry with you well into your new life after your divorce is finalized.  

While divorces can seem rather mechanical, you can thrive through divorce. Coaches are not one size fits all; when selecting a coach, it is paramount to work with someone who is empathetic and can relate to your situation. Experiencing divorce, firsthand, along with my legal background and training, I understand the multitude of complexities associated with divorce. Get started on the right foot, set up a consultation today to discuss your situation, and see how we can work together to bring your vision for your future to life!

I will be there for you from divorce to reinvention!

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