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How Being Introspective Helps With Alignment?

We often question our value - introspection allows for realigning ourselves with the true essence of love and genuine connection.
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“The one basking in infinite glory is you; the one fallen from grace is also you. What matters is you, not the state of you.”

I love this quote. It reminds me of times when I haven’t been my best and have felt worthless. I often find myself valuing my worth only based on my achievements. Our upbringing likely plays a role in this mindset, with our brains wired to perceive positive and negative stimuli. Spiritual teachings guide us to discern light from dark, while religious teachings focus on virtue and sin. Our minds communicate with our souls, shaping our bodily responses.

Despite being born out of love, our life experiences can sometimes contradict that. Our environments often dictate actions for love, shaping our identities and self-worth. This can lead us to question our purpose and value. Are we here to be punished for simply existing? Are we only valued when meeting others’ expectations and achieving pre-set goals? 

Since we can’t change the past, it’s crucial to redefine our understanding of love for meaningful connections. We must evaluate how we love others based on their essence rather than their achievements or what they offer us.

What type of relationship do we have with ourselves?

Do we avoid due to our feelings of unworthiness?

Are we sacrificing our true selves to maintain relationships, or projecting our own past experiences onto others in the name of love?

This introspection is essential for realigning ourselves with the true essence of love and genuine connection. 

Jimmy Chau is a Certified Life and Divorce Coach offering personalized coaching programs.  He finds fulfillment in working with clients to make sound decisions and reach their desired goals.

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