Is Presidential Politics Causing a Rise in Divorce?

The divisive nature of presidential politics raises an interesting question: Is it causing a rise in divorce rates?
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In recent years, the impact of politics on personal relationships has become a hot topic. Particularly in the United States, the divisive nature of presidential politics raises an intriguing question: Is it causing a rise in divorce rates?

The Influence of Politics on Relationships

Politics has always been a sensitive subject, but the current political climate seems more polarized than ever. This divide is not just visible in public debates and social media; it’s increasingly evident in personal relationships. Couples who hold opposing political views are facing unprecedented challenges, as politics becomes not just a difference of opinion but a reflection of core values and beliefs.

Divorce Rates and Political Discord

The direct correlation between presidential politics and divorce rates is a complex matter. While there’s anecdotal evidence suggesting that political disagreements are leading to relationship breakdowns, it’s important to consider other factors that contribute to divorce. Financial stress, communication issues, infidelity, and differences in lifestyle choices often play more significant roles in the dissolution of a marriage. However, it’s undeniable that political discord can exacerbate existing issues in a relationship.

Case Studies and Statistics

Several case studies and surveys have highlighted the strain that political differences can put on a relationship. For instance, a survey conducted by Wakefield Research in 2017 found that 22% of Americans knew a couple whose marriage or relationship had been negatively affected by the election of Donald Trump.  Not only that, but one in 10 couples have ended their relationship over political differences, according to the new study. These findings suggest that for some couples, political allegiance is more than just a difference of opinion; it’s a fundamental incompatibility.

Understanding the Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of political differences should not be underestimated. When a couple disagrees on fundamental political issues, it can lead to feelings of alienation, disrespect, or betrayal. These emotions are particularly potent when the political climate is charged with issues that affect personal identities and values, such as human rights, immigration policies, or healthcare.

Political Differences in Relationships

For couples who find themselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum, there are ways to navigate these differences. Effective communication, empathy, and a willingness to understand the other person’s perspective are key. Setting boundaries around political discussions, agreeing to disagree, and focusing on shared values can help maintain harmony.

Expert Opinions

Relationship experts and therapists often emphasize the importance of respect and understanding in managing political differences. The ability to discuss political views without judgment or hostility is crucial for the health of a relationship. In some cases, engaging a certified marriage coach like Dollnita Winston or life coach can provide a neutral space to explore these issues and develop strategies for dealing with them.

The Broader Social Context

Let’s also consider the broader social context in which these political divisions occur. Social media and 24-hour news cycles amplify political discourse and create an environment where political opinions are constantly in the spotlight.  We get stuck in echo chambers and then fail to listen our partner when they have a different point of view. This unending exposure can make it more challenging for couples to put aside their political differences.


While presidential politics may not be the sole cause of a rise in divorce rates, it’s clear that political discord can be a significant strain on relationships. Understanding, respect, and communication are key to navigating these differences. As society continues to grapple with political polarization, the impact on personal relationships will undoubtedly remain a topic of interest and concern.

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