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Personalized Coaching by Jimmy Chau

Self-mastery begins with oneself, connection to our divinity awaits

“I specialize in guiding clients on a transformative journey of personal growth, helping them explore their various aspects and elevate their vibrations, connecting their belief of a higher power, and to attract or align with others harmoniously.”

Jimmy Chau Profile Headshot
Jimmy Chau Profile Headshot

About Jimmy

Having embarked on my own path of self-discovery, I recognize the complexity of individuals and enjoy tailoring concepts and tools to suit each person’s unique goals. I support clients embrace their individuality and spirituality. Fostering loving relationships with ourselves and others are truly a passion of mine.

Personalized Coaching

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Tip of the Iceberg

If you aren’t sure on where to start or you want check in to see if you’re in alignment with your goal, this is best for you.

Series 1

  • 10% Off
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

Finding Alignment

These series of 5 session is good to straighten out current situations. Whether you are going through recent break up, having a difficult time harmonizing with the relationships around you, or needing a push in the right direction. 

Series 2

  • 12% Off
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

Creating Harmony

These series of 7 session are good for strengthening the relationship you have with yourself, the ones around you and with a partner. 

Self-Mastery, Connecting to One’s Divinity

These series of 10 sessions give us the time to master some of the many facets of yourself. It allows you to raise our frequency to attract your partner, define what spirituality means to you, and helps you be in more unison with the partner you are with.

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Why Jimmy

Jimmy Chau, a second-generation, has firsthand witnessed the life struggles of minorities and immigrant families. He understands that these struggles cause disharmony within one’s being. On top of these experiences, being rejected by family and communities due to sexual orientation and not fitting into stereotypes disconnects one’s being from one’s divinity. His real lived experience and unknowingly practice of his craft through his salon clients for 30 years, makes him unique and genuine in his approach. Jimmy is passionate about helping others like himself navigate events, reconnect, and elevate. A certified Life Coach, his specialties are certified through the Trauma Institute International developed by therapists who believe that labels confines us, hinder our personal growth, and that resilience start with someone who practices compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching
Through Life Transitions

I focus on the current mindset, working to shift thoughts rooted in past conditioning that hinder us from thinking forward.

As humans, we each go through unique events. Drawing from my personal experience, I’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I use compassion to meet you where you are and employ tools tailored to your specific goals.

As we navigate life, our experiences generate emotions that weighs on our heart, the soul. Understanding and being aware of these emotions enable us to move through life with less apprehension.

It involves understanding the relationships we have with ourselves and those around us. By understanding our attachment style, we can become securely attached and foster healthy relationships.

Our physical form comprises three “brains”: the mind (intellect), heart (intuition), and gut (feeling). Not all parts perceive time, the body may react to conditioned stimuli. Body-based regulation involves recognizing when to check in and recondition the body to a calmer state through movement, meditation and breathe-work .

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