Making Shifts in Life Brings Challenge & Opportunities

Understand the forecast and recognize change as it makes landfall. Knowledge itself is an inadequate instrument for navigating in the storm. Learn new tools to deal with incremental change.

Many today understand the forecast and recognize change as it makes landfall. Yet, knowledge itself is an inadequate instrument for navigating in the storm. Tools leaders once used to deal with incremental change no longer fit the massive shifts of today. Methods that worked ten, five, even two years ago are hopelessly out of date to deal with the exponential changes of our day. We believe that in this rapid paced culture of change, one trained to manage is not enough.

Serious and challenging times call for a soulful-leadership.

  • Soulful-leaders trust their heart, intuition and curiosity as well as their knowledge – they integrate head and heart into leadership.
  • Soulful-leaders push through their fears and understand the values of moving beyond their comfort zones.
  • Soulful-leaders work to lead by consensus when possible and believe that collaboration is more important than dictating mandates.
  • Soulful-leaders trust methods but also trust their soul’s voice as they use methods. The bottom line is important in leadership of any organization.
  • Soulful-leaders value the divine alignments of their values and beliefs as well as how they live them out in times of change and challenge.
  • Soulful-leaders value integrity and accountability.
  • Soulful-leaders take action.
  • Soulful-leaders take risks.
  • Soulful-leaders are strategic.

Patricia Aburdene reminds us that “as individuals grow in consciousness and Spirit, so do the organizations they inhabit.” She further clarifies, “The problem is organizations take longer to change than people do. Why is institutional change more difficult? Because it is so complex. Not only does it require time, vision and leadership, it involves greater number of people, their commitment and the development of a shared purpose. Institutional transformation and families relies on human evolution that grows slowly, then finally hits the mark.”

Even worse, often old tools and outdated methods cause more problems than they solve. It is becoming more and more challenging for persons to lead their family, businesses or organizations; remain a student, themselves, for deeper learnings to sharpen their own skills; and to stay abreast of all the constant changes. Cultural and global challenges abound and provide new horizons for most leaders and organizations. Walking into these waves without getting wiped out or consumed by rip tides is a skill. Learning to read the waves and time behaviors allows one to ride the waves, making the shifts that are needed. Leadership is critical, but the right leadership skills are even more critical regardless of the organization you are in or leading. It is increasingly important in the age of change for leaders not to just do things right, but to do the right things for the new emerging world.”


Edward Hammett, Author of Making Shifts in Waves of Change: A Coach
Approach to Soulful-Leadership, 2023. 

Eddie is a Master Certified Coach offering personalized coaching programs and is currently a coach in residence in a senior adult living community in Greenville, SC supporting the graying community through a variety of life challenges, transitions and opportunities.

Eddie is certified by the ICF

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