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Frequently Asked Questions

First, take a deep breath and understand that while this next stage of your life will no doubt be difficult, there are people available with the knowledge and expertise to help you confidently move through this next stage of your life. Connect with an experienced family law attorney to discuss your rights in divorce. Find a therapist if you do not already have one. Start to create a team of professionals you can lean on for advice and knowledge. DivorcePlus is here to connect you with professionals who can help, along with a community of folks going through the exact same thing.


Court can be intimidating. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement regarding the terms of your divorce, a judge will ultimately hear both sides and issue a decision on your case. In other words, there are major stakes when you appear before a judge. That is why it is so important to connect with a qualified and experienced family law attorney who can assist you by either appearing with you in court or helping to prepare you to represent yourself.  


It depends. Some people decide to represent themselves in court and pay no legal fees. Because major rights are at stake in a divorce, including custody and property, you should consult with an attorney before deciding whether this is the right path for you. For many, having counsel assist you is the best option to protect your rights and ensure the process is done correctly. As the old saying goes, a penny now, a pound later. 

Attorney rates vary throughout the country, with major metropolitan cities typically charging a higher rate than more rural areas. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly fee that can range anywhere from $200 per hour on the low end to as much as $600 or more per hour in areas like New York City. Attorneys also often ask for a “retainer” which is essentially a downpayment towards the total cost of your legal fees. Cases that settle quickly or through mediation are typically much less expensive than cases that proceed to a trial. 

But don’t let these numbers discourage you–many states now allow attorneys to represent parties in a limited capacity, a great option for folks who cannot necessarily pay the high cost of full representation.  


DivorcePlus has options to virtually consult with a lawyer about your case or find someone to assist you with your divorce forms.  Find an attorney in your state and schedule a consultation to start you on your journey.


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