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Dealing with an Alcoholic Co-parent: What You Need to Know

Co-parenting with an alcoholic can be incredibly stressful. This guide provides practical tips and resources to help you manage the situation and prioritize your child’s safety and well-being. Discover how to deal with an intoxicated parent, understand the impacts on children, and find support through professional programs and communities.

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DivorcePlus Decorative Image - Child Custody Is 5050 Really All About Money

Child Custody: Is 50/50 Really All About Money?

Is 50/50 custody worth it? Explore its benefits, understand child support implications, and get expert guidance with round-the-clock services. Access parenting coordinators, free expert articles, and 24-hour support to ensure your child’s best interests are prioritized.

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Can I Date Before my Divorce is Final?

While every divorce is unique, dating during a divorce can cause additional complications. Remember, just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD do something. That is important to remember when sparking up a new relationship.

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