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DivorcePlus was created for the person who isn’t sure where to turn during one of life’s most
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DivorcePlus has been a life saver – Thank you so much!

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Curious what others have to say before taking your first steps
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Individual stories, Shared experiences

Here you can read first-hand accounts from those who have taken
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DivorcePlus Member

“Relieved to find this site.”

Even my lawyer was surprised to find all these services in one spot! I have my first custody evaluation prep session tomorrow.

DivorcePlus Member


This has been a lifeline during my divorce – it’s like having a friend on call.

DivorcePlus Member


A place where I can with a divorce lawyer who walked me through filling out my forms and how to get them signed by the Judge.  Thank you!

DivorcePlus Member

"Love reading the forum to know I’m not alone. "

Wish I had known about this before. Peace of mind is priceless.

DivorcePlus Member

"Finally, someone who truly gets what I have been dealing with."

I hired a parenting coordinator to help me with an uncooperative co-parent.

DivorcePlus Member

"Met with a divorce advocate at 1am!"

Thanks for being there for me. I thought I was the only night owl!

DivorcePlus Member

"I can finally sleep"

Have been trying to find a lawyer to answer only a few questions. Everyone wanted $$$ for a retainer and wouldn’t talk to me on the phone. Found your site yesterday and had a virtual meeting this morning before I left for work.

DivorcePlus Member

"Wonderful experience working with Richard."

He’s incredibly intelligent, charming and he takes very good care of his clients.

DivorcePlus Member

"Richard is one of the best attorney's around these days."

He leads with ethical practices and standards. This is one attorney who honors his community, people, and neighboring areas. You rock sir!

DivorcePlus Member

"Giacomo is very easy to talk to."

I explained my situation to him and he laid out all my options. He is very professional. Definitely a great experience. Highly recommended!

DivorcePlus Member

"Giacomo was extremely knowledgeable and always answered my questions promptly."

He really cares and works hard to make sure things are done smoothly.

DivorcePlus Member

"100 percent helpful and would highly recommend."

When I was unsure if I needed a lawyer he took the extra time to talk to me and reassure me. He helped me with all of my questions.

DivorcePlus Member

"Kate transformed what would have otherwise been an unbearable situation into a manageable, gratifying experience."

Because of her personal and professional excellence, our lives have been completely changed. I look forward to always having her legal prowess on our side, and you will too.

DivorcePlus Member

"Kate is an amazing attorney. She was a fierce advocate for me during a very difficult situation."

Her good work empowered my voice to be effectively heard. I highly recommend Attorney Amato to anyone looking for legal advocacy.

DivorcePlus Member

"Outstanding experience."

Alicia is knowledgeable and compassionate in her practice.

DivorcePlus Member

"Dr. Pellegrin was a lifesaver during my client’s custody evaluation."

She provided guidance and realistic expectations in preparing for the custody evaluation process. My client was able to organize her thoughts and compile her documents in a way that was easy for the evaluator to understand – definitely recommend.


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