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Top 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During Divorce

The world of social media can be both a boon and a curse during divorce. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can protect your emotional well-being, maintain respect, and ensure your online activities don't negatively impact your divorce proceedings.

Top 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time. Emotions run high, and while it’s natural to turn to social media for solace and support, it’s vital to navigate these platforms cautiously. Your online presence can influence the outcome of your divorce proceedings and your personal well-being. So, what should you share and avoid sharing during this sensitive time?

Let’s dive into the top 10 social media do’s and don’ts during divorce.


  1. What Not to Post on Social Media During a Divorce?
  • Don’t air your grievances. Avoid talking negatively about your ex or sharing intricate details of court proceedings.
  • Do maintain a positive and neutral tone. Share uplifting content or inspirational quotes. This community can offer valuable support during challenging times.


  1. Should I Delete Social Media During Divorce?
  • Don’t feel pressured to delete your accounts entirely. These platforms can be a source of emotional support and connectivity.
  • Do consider taking a short hiatus. Limiting your online activities can help reduce stress and the risk of impulsive posts. Brush up on all the basics of navigating divorce with this divorce 101 guide.


  1. Can You Use Social Media in a Divorce?
  • Don’t use social media to spy on your ex or gather evidence against them.
  • Do be aware that whatever you post could be used against you in court. If in doubt, consult a lawyer before posting anything contentious.


  1. What is the Social Media Clause in a Divorce?
  • Don’t disregard the importance of setting boundaries with your ex about social media.
  • Do consider a social media clause. This is an agreement that outlines what both parties can and can’t share online concerning the divorce. It’s a step towards clarity and respect. For more professional advice on this, check out these professional services.


  1. How Do I Clean Up Social Media After Divorce?
  • Don’t impulsively delete every memory associated with your ex.
  • Do curate your online presence thoughtfully. Remove content that no longer aligns with your current feelings or could spark negativity. If you need guidance on transitioning post-divorce, consider divorce life coaching.


  1. Should I Unfriend My Ex-Husband on Social Media?
  • Don’t make the decision solely based on emotions.
  • Do evaluate if staying connected will be beneficial or detrimental to your healing process. If their posts trigger negativity or impede your growth, it’s okay to hit that unfriend button.


  1. Should I Deactivate Facebook During Divorce?
  • Don’t deactivate impulsively.
  • Do weigh the pros and cons. Deactivating can provide a mental break, but it might also isolate you from support. Balance is key.


  1. Can Facebook Private Messages Be Used in Divorce Court?
  • Don’t assume your private messages are entirely confidential.
  • Do realize that these messages can be subpoenaed and used as evidence in court. Exercise caution in your communication.


  1. Can FB Messages Be Subpoenaed?
  • Don’t think your online interactions are beyond the purview of legal entities.
  • Do understand that if required, courts can obtain these messages for cases. Always keep your conversations civil and think before you type.


  1. When Should You Remove Your Ex from Social Media?
  • Don’t rush the decision in the heat of the moment.
  • Do take your time. Reflect on whether disconnecting will aid your healing process. For additional help, consider investing in a personal growth regimen like fitness and nutrition to focus on yourself.


Bonus Points:

  • Should You Block Your Ex After Marriage? If your interactions with them are unhealthy, blocking can be a good option. However, if you share custody or have mutual commitments, consider other communication methods.
  • Should You Delete Photos of Your Ex from Social Media? This is a personal choice. Some choose to keep them as memories, while others prefer a fresh start without old photos.


The world of social media can be both a boon and a curse during divorce. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can protect your emotional well-being, maintain respect, and ensure your online activities don’t negatively impact your divorce proceedings. Remember, seeking professional guidance during this challenging time can be invaluable. Whether it’s legal advice or personal growth support, resources are available to help you navigate this new chapter.

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