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Using DivorcePlus to Help Your Case

With convenient resources for divorce online, DivorcePlus is your one-stop shop for public information, DIY legal forms, lively community discussions, and professional services.
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If you’re like most adults, your wedding day was one of the happiest of your life. Weddings are among those major life events, like getting your dream job or the birth of a child, that hold a shining spot prominent in your memory.

Unfortunately, the day you decide to end your marriage — or the day your spouse asks for a divorce — is just the opposite. It will likely be among your lowest points, not only because you’re losing a loved one and the future you had planned together but also because it can feel like a failure.

First, remind yourself that ending a relationship that isn’t working is the healthy and responsible thing to do. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled, whether you’re thriving on your own or working to build healthier relationships.

Next, you should know that you’re not alone. There are resources available that will help you through this difficult and emotional process, ensuring that you come through feeling strong, confident, and satisfied with the outcome.

Where can you find public information about divorce, along with access to virtual professional services that will get you to your goals? DivorcePlus is here to help with comprehensive solutions that work for you.

Use Educational Resources

Whether you’ve decided divorce is your best option or your spouse has expressed a desire for separation, you’re probably feeling mixed emotions about the situation. It’s natural to feel everything from grief to anger to relief. These emotions can be overwhelming, and you might be at a loss as to what your first steps should be.

You might turn to trusted family, friends, and colleagues, but sometimes, all they have to offer is a grab bag of well-intentioned advice that doesn’t actually help. Your experience is unique, and you’ll need information, guidance, and support tailored to your circumstances.

The good news is that DivorcePlus offers a range of public resources to get you started.

In the beginning, you may not even realize how much you don’t know, especially if you’re divorcing for the first time. By reading relevant blogs and articles written by professionals with experience in the divorce arena, you can begin to understand how the process works, what steps are involved, and where to seek needed support.

First, it’s best to get a handle on the overall process to ensure that you’re aware of the steps you’ll need to take and when to take them. Knowing what to expect, from beginning to end, can give you purpose and offer a light at the end of the tunnel to help you cope with heightened stress and emotions during this time.

From there, you can start to focus on the details, including court filings. If you’re the one filing for divorce, you’ll need to fill out the right paperwork, and you’ll certainly be required to submit a range of information regarding your financial assets in the course of proceedings. Depending on your situation, there may be other necessary filings, as well.

You can find convenient divorce papers online, including state domestic and family law forms, at DivorcePlus. You can either fill out these legal forms on your own or work with an attorney to ensure that all forms are properly completed and filed.

Set Goals for the Process and Outcomes

Whether you’re hoping to save time and money with a DIY divorce or you’re on the hunt for a reputable attorney, the place to start is by figuring out what you hope to accomplish by the time your divorce is final and how you want to reach your goals. At this stage, a life and divorce coach can help set you on the right path.

Most people have tangible goals for the divorce settlement, including division of assets, spousal support, child custody, and child support. A divorce coach will help you create a plan to reach these goals but also guide you toward developing personal goals, such as letting go of anger and hurt, finding joy, visualizing a new future, and growing in confidence and self-acceptance.

You may be interested in maintaining a friendly relationship with your partner, not only for the sake of your children but also for your own happiness and peace of mind. Or you might decide it’s time to work on yourself and discover how to build healthier and more fulfilling relationships in the future.

With professional life and divorce coaching, you can set yourself up for success, whatever your goals are during and after the divorce.

Find a Trusted Divorce Lawyer

Among the most important choices you’ll make during a divorce is picking the right lawyer. This professional does more than offer help filling out divorce papers; your attorney will serve as your advocate, guide, and main pillar of support as you go through one of the most harrowing experiences of your life, so you need to choose carefully.

In addition to offering public resources, DivorcePlus provides access to a range of professional services, including divorce lawyers, so you can schedule consultations and find the right fit.

Expertise is always important, but you also need to find someone who has the right personality and approach. Some people want an experienced professional to tell them exactly how to proceed, while others prefer an attorney who welcomes collaboration.

You might want a lawyer committed to pursuing aggressive strategies, or you may be looking for a gentler approach so you can preserve a civil relationship with your ex even after the divorce is final. The attorney you choose should reflect your core values and personal preferences.

Consider Mediation

No two divorces are exactly the same, which means you may need to consider a range of options before undertaking the process. If you’re lucky, you and your spouse are on the same page. In that case, you can create a divorce agreement on your own, file it with the court for approval, and save yourselves a lot of time, money, and heartache.

Alternatively, you might find yourself dealing with a partner who is ready to contest the divorce or drag out the process with petty demands to punish you for perceived slights.

Most people land somewhere in the middle. They’re not hell-bent on destroying their spouse in a protracted court battle, but they simply can’t reach an agreement without some outside help.

In this case, mediation may be the best solution. This avenue of divorce support involves an impartial mediator who takes a solution-oriented approach to finalizing your divorce agreement.

By listening to both sides and facilitating productive negotiations, a professional mediator will help you work through the issues holding you back so you can reach a mutually beneficial agreement that satisfies both parties.

Prepare for Court

Going to court is a last resort for many divorcing couples. No one is unaware that this route will likely be the longest and most expensive. That said, it can’t always be avoided, so if you find yourself headed for court, you want to go in prepared with the right divorce help.

This means finding the best resources for testimony and witness preparation. Often, your legal team will prepare you to interact with a family court judge. They can provide a list of questions you’ll face, run you through practice testimony, and coach you on how to behave in court to make the best impression.

You may face a range of challenges. It’s natural to be nervous going into a courtroom setting. Your emotions may run high, especially if your partner is intent on goading you. A good lawyer will prepare you for the worst so that you can present yourself in the best light in court.

Get Support for the Custody Process

Perhaps the most difficult part of any divorce is determining child custody. Even parents committed to the best interests of their children are sure to experience difficult emotions like guilt, grief, frustration, and anger when their children must split their lives between two households. If parents are fighting for full custody, it could get much worse.

A seasoned child custody attorney is essential to help you through this challenging process. The right professional will prepare you for parenting and custody evaluations and guide you through the process, giving you the best chance to achieve your goals where child custody is concerned.

You may also need help with parenting coordination during and after divorce. This support could cover the practical aspects of scheduling time between households, but it might also touch on co-parenting decisions about religion, schooling, and other aspects of raising children jointly but separately.

Join the Community

When you start the process, it’s natural to have many questions about divorce and what to expect, from filing to finalization. While you can certainly turn to a lawyer for all relevant information, these professionals charge for their time, so you might want to do some research on your own and set aside any questions that you can’t find answers to elsewhere.

The community forum at DivorcePlus is a great resource for finding answers to any number of queries or just discussing your experiences with others who are facing the same challenges.

It’s common to feel isolated during a divorce or to want to avoid burdening family and friends with your troubles. An online community of people in similar situations can help you to feel connected and supported in ways you never imagined.

Focus on Personal Wellness

When you’re wrapped up in the intricacies of a complex divorce process, it’s easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. Luckily, DivorcePlus has you covered with resources and professional services designed to help you focus on your health and well-being, both during and after divorce.

It’s hard to imagine at the outset, but you can come through divorce stronger, healthier, and better prepared to face your future when you have the right resources and support at your disposal.

Find Everything You Need in One Place

With convenient resources for divorce online, DivorcePlus is your one-stop shop for public information, DIY legal forms, lively community discussions, and professional services.

You’ll find lawyers, life coaches, mediators, consultants, and related professionals who will help you set and reach new goals, emerging from divorce like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

Are you seeking information, guidance, and support as you go through a divorce? Contact an on-demand professional to get the advise you need.

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