Personalized Coaching by Victoria Habib

Realize your goals and achieve your dreams.

“My mission is not to walk ahead of you or behind you, but alongside you. Together, we uncover the brilliance within, guiding you to your path, unearth your strengths, and craft a life that truly reflects your best self.”

Victoria Habib Headshot
Victoria Habib Headshot

About Victoria

Through coaching and life development, we transform potential into reality, one step at a time, revealing the masterpiece that is uniquely you

Personalized Coaching

Discover your own personalized coaching program, unveiling your potential in the most authentic and empowering way. All coaching sessions are between 60-90 minutes.


  • Individual 90 Minute Session
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

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  • 4 Session Package
  • Free Introductory Session
  • 100% Customized to You
  • Schedule on Your Time

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Why Victoria

Navigating through her own divorce prompted Victoria to returned to the classroom – earning her second degree: Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. Aspiring to better help guide others with life transitions, Victoria became a certified mediator, divorce, and life coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bring clarity to your current situation and possible next steps to take
  • Assess readiness for coaching and moving on to next phase of life
  • Zoom video conferencing at mutually agreed upon times
  • Phone call for those who prefer phone only
  • Schedule a time and package design that serves your needs best now. 
  • Provide a scheduled time to show up without distractions in order to maximize the coaching experience
  • Evaluate your most focused time of day when you have the best energy and opportunity for focused conversation
  • Discover a clearer understanding and vision for moving forward
  • A confidential, safe and non-judgmental coach who can listen deeply to hear connections and paths your busy life may not allow you to see alone
  • Pathways of moving through fears and frustrations to paths of fulfillment and hope
  • Engage with a trusted and trustworthy thought partner
  • The coaching agreement allows the coach or the client to exit the coaching relationship if it is not working for either
  • Share openly what’s not working for you and what might make it more powerful for you, whether coach or client. A transparent, trusting relationship is vital to moving forward.
  • Click on the Start Now button and schedule a free pre-coaching consultation / exploratory session or go ahead and schedule a package that best suits your need now at a time that is most ideal for you.