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Wandering, Distrust, and Growth

Feeling lost? Growing distrust of others? Consider these three steps to support your journey.
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The level of distrust and pain in our world grows with the day. Political divide, injustice in most every community and family. Yet, my journeys through painful and confusing times allows me to see the ‘wonder of pain’ as we ‘wander through pain, distrust and confusion’. I invite you to consider three tips from my wanderings:


      1. Pain is not without purpose. Learning to grow from and through pain is a path to our maturity of spirit, relationships, self-awareness and inner strength and courage.
      2. Pain and confusion are not invited into our lives, but they enter our lives and can become springboards into our better self and best life. We can’t change anyone, but we can change ourselves. The journey of pain opens this path to greater self-discovery, resilience and deepening of hope and healing.
      3. Remember ‘not everyone who wanders is lost’. Wandering through the maze of pain, distrust and betrayal in some ways is a gift. We often become a ‘wounded healer’ of ourselves and those around. Pain can be a pathway to a better, stronger life. Embrace it. Don’t run from me, but walk into it to learn, grow as shifts happen in life and we become ‘new’ as a result of the pain that pulls and often pushes us into a better place.


    Find resource that support your journey forward. Books, movies, music, art, podcast, coaches and online forums of healthy support. Our book Making Shifts in Waves of Change may be of support.

    For one-on-one coaching, book directly at Edward Hammett – DivorcePlus

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